Hope and Empowerment of kids through the gift of music.



Strings of Hope Kids believes that music may be one of the most important ways to positively influence a young person’s life. We are dedicated to providing kids with the ability to learn and play music in order to empower, inspire, and educate them.


The Renard Family

The year 2020 has been one of the toughest years in memory. As our family sat around the dinner table, we discussed ideas of what we could do to help. We want to lift others up. Especially young people.  But how could we give kids hope during this time?  How do we empower them?

And just like that, I heard it!  I didn’t think of the idea, I heard it.  My son was playing his guitar like he does twenty-three hours a day and I thought: We can give kids the opportunity to learn music when they need it most.


We can provide hope and empowerment through music. We can give away 1,000 guitars and get musicians involved to teach them a song!  We’ll start with one kid, one guitar, one song.  We’ll create the conduit to provide kids the opportunity to create, feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

They’ll gain personal feelings of joy from making music and sharing that joy.  They’ll feel empowered with their ability to create.

Music is hope.  It’s inspirational, emotional, calming, soothing, energetic, passionate, motivating, moving and life’s only universal language.  We all turn to music when we need to be inspired or comforted.  Everyone has songs that inspires them, moves them and motivates them to take action. 


Let’s give the next generation the help they need today.

Let’s create - Strings of Hope Kids.

Go West Creative

We are Storytellers. That is who we are at our core.  We are a team  that thrives on finding solutions through experiences, content and events. We are a trusted resource for iconic brands because we love the blank page and bringing stories to life.


Strings of Hope Kids is forming an advisory board consisting of young adults.  

We believe young adults will help guide us and deliver on our mission to bring hope and empowerment to kids.  Please contact us if you would like to be considered.  



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